Asset Management

Asset management is GNP’s core business and our tailor-made approach ensures that the profitability and underlying value of each asset is maximized, through the following key pillars:

Owner Representation
Representing owner’s interests to ensure a balanced and harmonious vision across management of the asset. Ensuring hotels are using state-of-the-art practices (operational, investment, technical) to optimize costs/revenues.

Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting in digestible, concise reports, which include market snapshots as well as an analysis of the asset’s performance compared to budget and previous year.

Risk Management
Technical, operational and financial risk management of the property on behalf of the owner. This includes close tracking of the financial performance, the competitive environment and the physical aspects of the property. A thorough analysis of the hotel’s “ecosystem” to identify and monitor players that act directly/indirectly with/against the hotel.

Supporting owners’ capital expenditure budgeting process, assisting through its execution and optimizing the benefits and outcomes. Reviewing, preparing, analyzing and optimizing budgets, in close collaboration with owner and operator, always with the owner’s best interests in mind.

Investment & Advisory

GNP benefits from a strong network and an experienced team to assist investors and owners in their investment and decisions. GNP sees each acquisition as a life cycle and will be able to advise their clients on the right strategy to suit their returns profile and investment criteria through the following services:

Deal Sourcing
Pre-Acquisition Strategy & Post-acquisition business plan
Due-Diligence & Contracts
Deal Structuring
Financing Support
Exit Strategy & Divestment


GNP’s strength lies in getting involved in the very early stages of a hotel project.

Feasibility Study
GNP works with land owners and developers to maximize their project ROI through deep dive feasibility studies, project valuations (market research, risk analysis) and development of a “bankable” Business Plan.

Operator Selection
GNP has a deep network within the Hospitality Industry and can assist owners/developers in selecting the most adequate operator and negotiating contracts on their behalf to optimize conditions & asset value.

Project Management
GNP assists owners/developers through the design, development and construction of their project as well as renovations and refurbishment projects (including FF&E and OS&E quantitative analysis).

GNP’s network of trusted partners means they are ideally placed to advise clients in obtaining the best financing structure and/or financial partner for their hospitality Real Estate projects.